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Finance hero landing page UI KIT

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Finance hero landing page UI KIT

LazyInterface UX UI Team
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Hey there, A modern finance website landing page design, for landing page template download, designed with a modern look, suitable for all business size, small startups to a enterprise size business!

Contains only hero sections of landing page as seen above, for more section with same design style or full landing page, contact us! on

Check video animation of the websites here:


  • Easy to edit
  • Figma file
  • Easily replace images in the design

License logos not included in the lisense

How to use?

  • open figma
  • now open the "link to figma" file provided in the download
  • go to the link
  • Request the access to view through your email
  • We will accept the request within 24 hours
  • Once accepted
  • create new blank document
  • now copy whatever you want, into black figma document you created in step above
  • It will become editable
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