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Music app design mobile app UI KIT

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Music app design mobile app UI KIT

LazyInterface UX UI Team
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Hey there, A modern music app design, for mobile app template download, designed with a modern look, suitable for all business size, small startups to a enterprise size business!

Contains only 2 screens as seen above, for more screens with same design style, contact us! on

Check video animation of the app here:


  • Easy to edit
  • Figma file
  • Easily replace images in the design

Extra perks

  • Video file made in camtasia, as seen in video above
  • Easily editable

How to use?

  • First open figma:
  • Click import figma file from home dashboard!
  • Choose the file, Wait for sometimes and it'll show up on home dashboard.
  • Now you can open!
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